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Felice Cohen side shot B&WFelice Cohen, the grandchild of two Holocaust survivors, is the author of the award-winning book “What Papa Told Me,” a memoir about her grandfather’s life before, during and after the war. Her newest book, “90 Lessons for Living Large in 90 Square Feet (…or more)”, is a motivational self-help book based on the video of her 90-square-foot Manhattan studio that went viral with millions of views on, gaining media attention around the globe. What enabled Felice to “live large” in that tiny studio is that she’s been a professional organizer for over 20 years. Here is the link to the video:  Check out her website to see her other books or to hire her to organize your life.

  1. Grace permalink

    I’ve worked as a personal assistent and started my own business and am interested in how you became a professional organizer. I love the balance you seem to have struck between writing, art, organizing and life. If you have the time to share some insight I’d love to hear about it.

  2. Brenda H. permalink

    Hello. I was really encouraged by your video on YouTube. Where can I find a listing of micro-studios in Manhattan?

  3. Rebecca permalink

    Thank you…for the inspiration…you remind me….how much i love to write…you are very insightful….glad i found your blog!

  4. Randa Eid permalink

    Hello Felice,

    My name is Randa and I am a producer with Al Jazeera TV in New York. We are currently working on a 3 minute feature story on Micro houses. We would love to interview you and get a tour of your home. We would love to talk to you about your space and why you choose to live in a small living environment.

    The interview would be on camera and about 10 minutes. We would also love to get a tour of your home as well.

    This story will be broadcast to over 70 million people all over the world.

    If you are interested or have any questions feel free to email or call me anytime.

    Our deadline is by Wednesday of next week.
    I would be grateful if you could let me know if you are interested and available.

    Look forward to hearing from you.

  5. Jenn permalink

    Ok, I just saw your very tiny apt on Life According to Ben. Can I just say you made me appreciate my apt which I have lovingly referred to as the “Shoe Box Estate” since moving in. Might need to reconsider this title…
    You must have a great sense of humor…and be extraordinarily sane…I don’t think I could manage in a 90ft apt myself, but you seriously have my admiration.

  6. Richard Aberson permalink

    Touching memory of Tosia. Cioncidently she knew I especially liked her mundelbread and cholent. I never had eaten either of these before I met Tosia. May g-d grant her eternal peace.

  7. Nice writing! You will certainly reach a lot of people with your stories. More importantly, your writing is based on hands on experience which is very inspiring, so dig deep and write on! As you, I like writing. And I come from living in much bigger spaces, having chosen to downsize. However, at 55, I haven’t quite justified it other than in financial terms. As I read about your experience and how centered you’re about it, I feel somewhat better about creating a small sanctuary for myself. I still dream of having large spaces but natural ones around my small haven. Growing up in big countries like Brazil and the USA doesn’t make it simple to justify small spaces, but it seems we don’t fence things in or out the way other people do. I believe it has to do with the different connections we have to things, the boundaries we establish with people(s), and the awareness we have of all that. I suppose all this mind wondering has slowed down my success as far as hands on small living goes. But it rendered me some nice insights. As did your grandpa, I had one greatgrandfather who also came from Europe. Actually, he came from Prussia, moved to Germany and then to Brazil at the age of seven due to depression times in Europe. He became a German teacher and musician at a school reached by all on horseback. As opposed to your grandpa, he suffered mild prejudice for speaking German, and had his books burned during the great wars. My mom had learned German, and was told not to speak it publicly. She later had a hard time studying German at college because of that, despite the fact that her parents spoke ‘high’ German. Today I find it was a pity the books were burned but not the strict Prussian discipline my mom inherited (and passed down the line), which made her life more difficult than needed, and consequently influenced me and my 4 sieblings. Fortunately my grandparents were all already Brazilian, despite their European anscestry, and my parents became aware of much of the extra baggage they were taking on from their ‘family constellation’. I was driven to explore other cultures early on in my life and took a liking to languages. I lived in Germany for a year, in St. Thomas, USVI, for 14 years, and did a little traveling which afforded me many interesting experiences. I haven’t quite set my roots, but taking it from my Jewish friends who cherish family values, I came to appreciate my deceased parents and value the extended family I have today. I was married for those 14 years in St. Thomas but no children came from that partly out of my own angst (greatly Prussian) and that of my half Jewish half catholic ex-husband. Today I find it interesting to learn how other people balance their roots influence, personal dreams and world demands. And for that, I find myself learned to appreciate you. All the best!

  8. DEBORAH GRACE permalink

    Felice, I so admire you, where you have been and where you are right now. I am a cancer patient and you are reminding me that life is just what you make it. Hope you continue to offer people
    encouragement and humor by living your life with real

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