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Unsubscribe for More Time

October 15, 2018

unsubscribeFor me, organizing is about one thing: having more time to do what you love to do. Which is why removing clutter from your surroundings is key. Spending time looking for what you need (car keys, wallet, passport) is time you could otherwise spend doing what you enjoy.

But it’s not just tangible stuff eating up our time.

I’ve spent countless (and precious) seconds each day “weeding out” and deleting my inbox of unwanted emails (a.k.a. electronic clutter). It’s easier to simply hit “delete” as I go scroll through my phone than it is to search for the word “unsubscribe” in the smallest font possible. Also, I reasoned, I didn’t want to miss out on a sale from (fill in the blank: The Gap, Starbucks, Target, etc.).

However, the same way saving pennies adds up, this also true with seconds. That time I was taking out of my day (after day, after day) deleting emails, added up significantly. And forget those moments I actually took the bait and clicked on an email.

“Oh, a sale a JCrew? Let me look for a second.” And off I would go, pulled from my work, to scour the pages of a website whose goods already filled my closet.

Not anymore.

Last week, instead of deleting each unwelcome email I began “unsubscribing.” After the fifteenth one, I decided to keep track. So far I have unsubscribed from 48. That’s 48 emails coming in on a regular basis, redirecting me from my regularly scheduled day, and derailing my productivity. But with just click, I’m taking back my time.

One of the reasons I haven’t written a blog in a while is because I’ve been busy working on my next book, which, I’m happy to say, is almost done. I wonder though, had I not been spending so much time deleting superfluous emails on a daily basis would I have completed the book by now? Hard to say for sure, though what I do know is I need to “unsubscribe” from that type of thinking.


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  1. Tere permalink

    So true. Doing the same thing.

    Great blog.

  2. Joe permalink

    If I see for the first time an email that I don’t want or like, I just hit the spam button and it does the job for similar items . Like “insurance plans”, “Cremation” “Old Age Singles” etc. When I check the spam box it probably has a 100 or so spam emails in it. Push the delete box and in a flash, they are all gone at once. Good luck with the book

  3. Marilyn permalink

    I was just doing that before I read your blog. Hope all is well with you and yours. Please let me know the title of your new book. Miss you, Marilyn 😘🌹🌻

    Sent from my iPad


  4. Auntie M permalink

    I unsubscribe all the time, one thing for sure, i will never unsubscribe YOU! looking forward to your bext book.

  5. Just watched your 2010 video on the 90 sq ft living space and wondered what you were up to now… wondered how your books have been supporting you, wondered if you were still alive… who knows with internet stuff. Found this page in the process, so I am “seizing the opportunity” and leaving this message. 🙂 What would be the best way to find out your updated status? No real reason, but I am considering the book writing path and wonder if it is worth the effort… on Amazon… etc. Hope to hear back from you… might work

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