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Focus, Focus, Focus

February 13, 2018

distractionsFor a while I thought it was just me. Simple mistakes—a misspelled word in an email, a forgotten attachment, the wrong name on a document. Each time it happens I feel queasy. I’m always so meticulous, what’s going on? Turns out, I’m not alone. Not by a long shot. In the last few months I’ve noticed others’ simple errors.

  • Inverted numbers on a mailing address and the mail came back
  • Misspelled speaker’s name on a flier mailed out to hundreds of people
  • Forgetting an important conference call
  • Signing up for a spin class at the wrong studio
  • Putting the wrong year on an invoice (this from my accountant!)

The list goes on.

What’s with all the blunders? Are we trying to get stuff done rather than done right?Perhaps. Are we too busy? Maybe. Are we being rushed by others? Could be. Are we too distracted? Bingo. Many of us have lost our ability to focus, to sharpen our senses on what we’re working on because of the beeping sounds from cell phones, tablets, computers and telephones vying for our attention. And guess what, they’re winning. Turns out, keeping one eye on incoming emojis is not good, whether you’re sitting behind a wheel or behind a desk.

I was interviewed last week for on how to be more productive at work. Removing distractions, like excess paper or items not useful to your job is a must. But so is shutting off notifications. Even for just thirty-minute intervals, you’ll be amazed how much more productive you can be, not to mention the fewer mistakes you’ll make. When writing I shut off all notifications because it’s hard enough to get my tush in the seat, I’m not going to waste the time when I’m in it.

Our plates are overflowing like someone piling on more than they can eat at a buffet. But in the end you can only eat one thing at a time. At least you should if you don’t want to be sick.

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  1. Richard Aberson permalink

    You nailed it—our plates are definitely overflowing with distractions and superfluous info.
    But wait till you get older and your memory and mental response time slows down,then you really start getting irritated with yourself. So just keep plugging away.

  2. Tom Olverson permalink

    Yep! Felice, it is so hard to focus or even figure out what you should be focusing on because we are reacting all the time. Gadgets sap the creativity out of us! Great piece!

  3. permalink

    I agree one hundred percent! How are you. We’re still in Florida. Any chance you might be coming here soon? Hugs, M and N🤗🌹

    Sent from my iPhone


  4. Joe F. permalink

    Funny post is on the word focus and what one has to do to “stay focused”. I especially remind myself constantly when I go out driving my car. God forbid I get into a fenderbender and it is clearly not my fault. Who is going to believe a 86 year old that it wasn’t his fault. There’s a lot of penalties as you get into those “golden years”. So stay focus even more as you get older. Loved your post.

  5. I seldom have notifications turned on, but my distractions come from the fact that now that we live in much smaller places (motor home and very small condo) my writing space is also our living space! Talk about distractions! 🙂 I don’t get nearly as much writing and reading done as I’d like.

  6. Tracey L permalink

    Yes, Felice, it’s the way things are now. Apart from people being glued to the IPhones, I have noticed most people where headphones as well! As always, your article puts it into perspective, how can one be 100% focused on something when one keeps looking at text or emails all the time.

  7. Julie Bernstein permalink

    Enjoyed reading. Chag Purim Sameach!

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