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This New Year’s Cold Comfort

December 30, 2017

fridgeThere is a Japanese custom close to my heart. It’s called o-souji. It’s the process of cleaning and organizing your home and office during the last week of the year, while at the same time giving thanks to the previous one. For me, it’s less about organizing and more about starting the year with a clean slate. A workspace muddled and messy will only stand in your way of New Year’s resolutions.

fridge3With o-souji in mind, I’ve been tweaking areas of my parents’ home on Cape Cod this past week, however there was one area I wasn’t planning on attacking.

“Why is the ice cream soft?” My dad said removing it from the freezer. I reopened the freezer door and felt a container of soup. It was soup. We realized the fridge was on the fritz. What to do? We decided to put all the food in our backup fridge: the garage. Mom called Sears, Dad removed the contents, and I put “salvageables” into the 400-square-foot 9-degree Fahrenheit fridge.

fridge2Next I grabbed a roll of paper towels, some cleaner and got down on my knees and wiped up the puddle of purple liquid on the bottom of the freezer, a mixture of melted ice and frozen berries. O-souji? More like o-save-us.

Our menu plan is now simple: since the weather is predicted to remain around zero for the next straight week on Cape Cod, we’ve decided to either select our meals from the garage menu or eat out a lot in Japanese restaurants.

Whether you want to follow an ancient custom or just want a neat environment, one thing is for sure: when your living space is clean and orderly, your disposition has no choice but to be boosted, which is a great way to approach the new year.

Happy 2018!


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  1. Tom Olverson permalink

    Love the “garage menu” concept. Well done, Felice!

  2. I want to do this too! Out with the old, in with the new!

  3. Edes Gilbert permalink

    So true. I just organized my desk While Stephanie put decorations away in New labeled plastic bins. Am ready for the New Year. How is your mom??

    Happy 2018!! E

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  4. Richard Aberson permalink

    May you and yours be blessed with many good things in 2018.

  5. Tracey L permalink

    Great article, Felice–so true! Yes, it’s below zero here in CT, too! I have decided that it’s better for me to make frequent trips to the health food store and concentrate on eating “fresh” food.
    Separately, I feel more organized since I moved to this larger apartment. Even though a lot of my clothes don’t fit, I’m thinking of putting them in better order–color code, etc., too. Everything is on a hanger so I can see what I am dealing with. I do this because it makes me feel like my life is more in order.

  6. Andrea Watson permalink

    Hey Felice. Love your article as always. Just bought your new book on my Kindle. Plan to start reading it ASAP. So really quickly, will you change my email address to my newer one? I appreciate it. I don’t want to lose any articles. I have to get rid of my Gmail account. It has turned into a spam account and I usually delete everything on it except your Newsletter and My Student Loan bill. Wish I could delete that one as well. 😊. Well love you and miss you. I will be back on the Cape by the spring for good I hope. Send my love to the family. Love, Andrea

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