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A Guide for Achieving Anything

January 17, 2017

schedIt’s a new year.
A new chance for reaching your goals,
fulfilling your potential
and turning dreams into accomplishments.
Like starting a business,
losing weight,
even organizing your garage.
Large goals can be daunting,
but they’re not impossible.
The key is to break down your goal
Then complete each step.
Which is where many of us get stuck.
How to get unstuck?
Schedule these baby steps.
Give yourself mini deadlines.
Lose one pound by Valentine’s Day,
Get rid of all the old paint cans in the garage by St. Patrick’s Day.
Deadlines give you a push,
hold you accountable,
and put pep in your step.
That’s where a paper schedule book can help.
Paper schedule book?
Yes, an old fashioned, old school paper schedule book.
Ever since college I have used an At-A-Glance weekly schedule book.
Each blank page is a possible new adventure
waiting to be discovered.
Sure, you can use Google Calendar, but it can be helpful to see the big picture.
A visual reminder of
which tasks still need to be done,
which already finished.
For fun, use a Sharpie or an orange marker.
Make it stand out.
Each completed task, a stepping-stone to where you will be tomorrow.
And the day after that.
Am I nuts for using a paper book?
Maybe. But I’m not the only one.
Sales of printed schedule books last year, according to the New York Times was $342.7 million. That’s million!
There’s something motivating (and rewarding!) when you cross off a scheduled achievement in your book.
Like crossing off a task from your To Do list.
It says, “I did it!”
and encourages you to achieve the next
and the next.
Until you’re one step closer to your goal.
Somehow, hitting a “Delete” button is not the same.
What will you accomplish in 2017?
Only time will tell.




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  1. Kathy permalink

    Love this idea. Will add calendar to my Staples list. I have several long and short term goals. This should keep me moving forward.

  2. Marilyn permalink

    I’m so glad I’m old fashioned! I always use a calendar never my cell phone. I still use a book to do my banking. When are you coming to Boca all my cupboards need downsizing! Just joking, but we’d love to see you here! Regards to the family. Hugs from us 😘

    Sent from my iPad


  3. I am an old fashioned paper girl too! I think bigger goals ar ebest broken down into small steps as well. xo C

  4. Tom Olverson permalink

    Move over Google! Great advice, Felice!

  5. I completely and utterly agree! Besides, my Franklin Covey workhorse of a calendar allows me to keep all the new information that arrives at the door of my office all in one location. Couldn’t be without it to organize me and to ensure I keep my eye on attaining my goals. As always, a great post, Felicity!

  6. Richard Aberson permalink

    You nailed it. I too think baby steps and mini deadlines are a highly effective way to achieve difficult goals

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