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A Little Goes A Long Way

October 20, 2016

felice-gaspLast month I rode in The Last Gasp, a 60-mile bike ride across Cape Cod, MA to raise money for various charities. I trained for months. I ate well. I was ready.

On the morning of the ride, the sky threatened rain, but the sun fought hard to shine through. It was hot, especially for mid-September. The 300 riders were gathered, tires inflated, back pockets filled with Gu, and after singing the national anthem as a group, we were off.

My legs felt strong, the humidity loosening my muscles, not to mention a slight push from a gentle tailwind. The gaggle of cyclists thinned out with each mile, speedier riders eating up the distance faster. The first rest stop at mile 23 came quickly. After eating half a PB&J I was back on the road.

Folks along the route—Cape Codders with an interest in the charities as well as members of the community—cheered us on, bringing me back to the road. You see your mind wanders on long bike rides as the miles collect beneath you. Past experiences, long lost friends, and ideas for better, more comfortable bike seats pop into your head as cars whiz by, some too close for comfort.

I glided into the second rest stop at mile 43 still energized. Gulped down some blue Gatorade, a banana and was off. This last stretch was rolling hills and that tailwind was now a headwind. My legs stared to tire. I thought about stopping. I thought about thumbing it. I thought about my couch.

That’s when I saw people up ahead on the side of the road. Soon I was upon them, a father and three toddlers holding colorful signs. “Thanks for riding for my mommy!” read one sign, written in the scrawl of a child. That’s all it took. Like a shot of adrenaline, my muscles felt rejuvenated. That little bit of encouragement, that little reminder of why I was putting myself to this grueling test, was huge.

Like a coach yelling, “You can do it!” from the sideline, a teacher writing “Good work” on your English paper, or the simple words of a child, a little encouragement is sometimes all it takes to reach your goal.


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  1. permalink

    So true. Small leads to large Here too. 😄

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  2. Jim Kirstein permalink

    Way to go! I have seen you ride Felice, so there was no doubt in my mind that you would do it in grand style.

  3. joe F permalink

    The hard stuff makes the good stuff worthwhile. “Atta go gal”

  4. Tom Olverson permalink

    Well done, Felice! It’s amazing how gratitude and encouragement bring out the best in us.

  5. Marilyn permalink

    You are an inspiration!👍😘

  6. Richard Aberson permalink

    Hearty congats on such a grueling and worthwhile effort. You truly are an inspiration!

  7. Deanna Rutherford-Blowes permalink

    So very true. Just when my paperwork starts to become a bummer, I get pumped up every time I see one of my speech-language students or get a hug from them I am determined to keep going. The students make work worthwhile.

    I am so energized by you and your determination. Congrats on your ride. 😀

  8. CESAR WYCOCO permalink




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