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A New Venture

September 22, 2016

Hello Blog Readers!


Click on image to watch video!

Taking a moment to thank you for sticking with me through over 250 blogs! Reading your feedback continues to motivate me to keep writing. (“What?” you say. “Felice needs motivating?”) Yep. Sometimes. And while I love writing, I also love actual hands-on organizing–turning chaos into order.

That’s why I started a YouTube channel. It will show Before & After videos of other people’s closets, garages, storage spaces and (fill in the blank) getting organized. Which is where you come in. I need messy spaces to work on. I am often traveling between New York City and Cape Cod, MA, but am willing to travel farther, and if you have a space that needs help, I’m there. So if you’re ready to say “Buh Bye!” to some of your stuff and make your home or office look great, please send an email with a picture of your space to me at:

Here’s the link again to sign up for my YouTube channel. Please share it with your friends.

Keep living large!

Thanks again.



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  1. Auntie M permalink

    You Rock!

  2. Tom Olverson permalink

    Love the picture, Felice!! And 250 blog entries! Wow! I gotta a long way to go!

  3. Iris Govoni permalink

    Love her blog. I need to get organize myself is hard sometimes to let go small things but it feels great when you have more free space.

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