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I ♥ June

June 2, 2016

bbq beach FINALJune, the first official month of summer, has arrived. The warm weather is a welcome relief from a long winter. Smells abound. Cut grass, flowers in bloom, burgers on the grill. You feel lucky to be alive and life feels easier. June days seem endless and much longer than they do in January. It’s what To Do lists were made for. It’s what kids treasure when they play outside long into the night. It’s going for ice cream after dinner at dusk. It’s waking up before your alarm goes off from the sun seeping in between the blinds. It’s feeling like a kid again – even for a split second – imagining the end of school is water fightnear. It’s walks on the beach and summer love and water fights in the backyard. It’s wearing shoes without socks. It’s feeling like every day in June is a Friday, the anticipation of the weekend (Saturday=July and Sunday=August) still ahead. It’s reading a good book on a park bench or in a beach chair, the sunset dissolving in the distance. It’s a baseball game under bright lights, hot dog in hand. It’s flip-flops and tank tops and a cool refreshing shower at the end of a sweaty day. It’s a slow smile at the memory of other warm days gone by. It’s why we (in the north) put up with the cold, snow and sleet. It’s feeling invincible and young and strong and wanting the day to never end, but feeling secure in knowing there’s one more tomorrow. It’s appreciating each moment, knowing that time, as much as we want it to last, slips through our fingers like grains of sand that we carry home between our toes after a day at the beach. So here’s to June and to taking it one long luxurious summer day at a time.


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  1. Joe F permalink

    My Florida is a warmer June, 12 months of the year. One of the perks for being older and retired.
    Luv your blog.

  2. Deborah Golden permalink

    Hear hear! I have a list of to do items a mile long! But I’m already wearing my (arch support New Balance) flip flops and love the air tickling my toes. A walk on the beach is calling…hopefully that will happen soon.

  3. permalink

    I especially like the image of feeling invincible in June. So true. Long days especially long evenings and early dawns give us a sense of restoration and renewal of strength. And optimism. Great piece. Thanks.


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  4. Woot Woot! I agree! xox

  5. julie holley permalink

    Happy Summer
    This post: One of your best.
    Here’s to sand dunes
    No helmets required.
    That is, if you’re
    On The Cape.
    Not South Africa.
    Julie Holley

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  6. Auntie M permalink

    Love June & knowing that July &August follow & is stretched out before us is the best! Great blog, See you this summer

  7. Marilyn permalink

    Spring and Summer are my favourite seasons and you wrote it beautifully! Regards to your family and enjoy! Hugs, M and N 👍😘

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  8. Ali permalink

    AMEN! So beautifully said! Thanks;)

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