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Living A Large Life

April 19, 2016

hole in stLife can sometimes be like a walk down the sunny side of the street. Birds chirping, a soft breeze against your skin. But then imagine a hole opens up in front of you. You’re not prepared for it, you had no idea something like this would happen, but it does.

Now maybe that hole is shallow and leaves you with nothing but a sprained ankle or a bruised ego. Maybe it requires a little more effort to get out, but because you’ve taken care of yourself for years, eaten right, exercised, you’re able to climb out. Sometimes though, the hole is deep and there is no way out.

It’s scary, dark and cold in that hole. There are strange, unfamiliar noises too. You can see the light above, the safe space, but it’s out of reach. Friends and family visit to lift your spirits. The worst part is, while you’re down there your mind races, wondering how you didn’t see the hole coming, and you berate yourself for not being better prepared. But sometimes the hole has nothing to do with how you took care of your body. Sometimes, often times, the hole was inevitable.

enjy lifeAfter a while, you wonder why you wasted so much time worrying about silly things before you fell into the hole, like bills or getting wrapped up in co-workers’ pettiness, or even your hair. You start to wish you spent more time with your family, more time riding your bike or reading that stack of books on your nightstand instead of checking email before bed. You wish you traveled more, hugged more, and smoked less.

Soon you will become determined to get out of the hole. You promise yourself that when you do, you will change your ways and appreciate the little things, because there’s more life to live. This is where Living Large comes into play. Living Large is about rearranging your priorities before the hole appears. It is about unloading the excess and spending more time doing what you love, instead of working to pay for stuff you don’t even use, because we never know when that hole will appear.

p.s. This blog was brought to you by my Shingles, which came out of left field two weeks ago.


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  1. Roger J Bass permalink

    Shingles Ugh!! Hope you feel better soon. Roger

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Joe F. permalink

    I feel for you knowing how shingles can be so painful. I was lucky to have had the vaccine shot to prevent it. Close friend had it. You will climb out of that hole, knowing your mental strength. I had been in a real deep hole 3 years ago with Guillain Bare’ that left me paralyzed for 3 months. I offer my encouragement to hang in there with all your determination to get well again. You will because of who are and the family genes you have.

  3. Tom Olverson permalink

    Sorry to hear about your Shingles! I hope you are not in too much pain. Ughh! Yes, live large!

  4. Marilyn permalink

    Very well said! Hope I can follow it!
    Hugs 😘

  5. Yuck! So sorry. Shingles sucks. Feel better

  6. Mary Foote permalink

    Ugh to shingles! You are a large liver so I shall picture you crawling out of the hole and writing the next blog.

  7. Judy Rachelle permalink

    Poor baby. Feel better. I can relate to this.

    Sent from my iPhone


  8. james nomikos permalink

    dear felice, Sorry your not well.I had shingles 50 years ago but no pain at all. hope that this is a very mild case and not painful. best naomi

  9. jtvancouver permalink

    Yikes. I’m sorry to hear about your illness, Felice. I had them about 15 years ago when I was as worn down as worn down could have been. I hope you caught them early. So painful :((( Hope you’re up and at it soon. In moderation of course. Take care.

  10. Auntie M permalink

    Great column as usual & I can surely relate to all of it, including the shingles. Be well. xoxoxox

  11. Diann B permalink

    The first & only time I’m glad to be 60 & prescribed the vaccine. Oh honey I’m full of compassion. I hope it eases sooner than later,love,

  12. Jeanie Hill permalink

    Oh, Felice, you have my sympathy. I’ve had shingles and it is the worst pain I’ve ever had. I hope you have a mild case. (Apparently this is possible according to friends who’ve had it BUT NOT IN MY CASE😁). I also felt stupid because I hadn’t gotten the vaccine and everywhere I looked it seemed there was a sign urging me to get the shot. Hope you feel better soon

  13. richard aberson permalink

    Sure hope by now you’re back on the sunny side of the street and sparkling as ever.

  14. Deanna Erica Rutherford-Blowes permalink

    I’ve been there and can empathize. I hope you’re doing and feeling better. Thank you as always for your uplighting blogs. 😀

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