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Pick a Card. Any Card.

May 8, 2015

donnie and marieI remember many gifts I received as a child. The purple clad Donnie and Marie Osmond dolls, my first bike with the banana seat, and the pink cassette boom box. But the most memorable gifts were the ones that had my name on them. Like the pencils ordered off the back of a cereal box or the pair of barrettes I wore in middle school, even when the “e” at the end peeled off and my friends called me “Felic” with a hard c. (Some of them still call me that.)

But my favorite were the personalized business cards my dad got me when I turned ten. This was way before VistaPrint. In 1980, business cards were a big deal. Well, they were to me. They weren’t for networking or to give to clients (I was ten, remember?), but they did represent my likes. And at ten, those were Math Puzzles Tennis and Reading. What’s remarkable is aside from the fact all these years later I still enjoy those activities, I remain a multi like/occupation person – author, blogger, organizer, and artist.

biz cards

Business cards over the years. The center one is from 1980.

As it happens I’m in the middle of a job change (the job that pays some bills and affords me benefits until my “likes” start paying). As I update my resume, I am trying something out of the box. I am ordering new business cards now. You see, most people get their business cards after they’ve landed a job, but what if we ordered them before? A kind of “If you print it, it will come” Zen wishing system.

If you are not currently working at your dream job, why not create a business card that lists that dream job. Business cards are inexpensive enough and can be at your door the next day. Many people believe that putting your dreams out into the Universe will help them come to fruition. What have you got to lose?

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  1. Shelly Cohen permalink

    Interesting idea. I remember googling my name years ago to find so many really accomplished Shelly Cohens and had the same idea as you. In a sense it is a form of visualizing: visualizing yourself in a certain position, having a certain “dress size” or where you could see yourself living.
    That is why it is important for kids to dream, for all of us to dream and have a goal. Can’t wait to see what you come up with………………xxoo mom

  2. markiswellbe permalink


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  3. What a great idea! and with the low cost of cards these days, you are right, “what have you got to lose?”

  4. Great post and idea! I agree with your mom (Hi Mrs. Cohen!) that it’s a very creative version of a vision board and visualization is so important to achieving goals and dreams. Whatever your business card says, I KNOW you will be super successful because you rock. I love that your Dad gave you business cards when you were 10. I’m making a mental note to do that for my child. I had that exact same Donnie and Marie set. The daughter still plays with Marie!

  5. Tom Olverson permalink

    “If you print it, they will come.” Love it, Felice, and love the idea. What a wonderful, quirky view of the world you have!

  6. Sharon Lustgarten permalink

    Good Luck.

  7. Ali permalink

    I LOVE this!! Thanks for reminding me that we can always invent and RE invent ourselves! Can’t wait to see your next cards… and coincidentally, I just got a Vistaprint coupon… think I’ll get creative!
    Be well!

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