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Everything Old is New Again

March 26, 2015

I recently watched the pilot of new television show called Younger. It’s about a woman in her forties who wants to go back to work after taking time off to raise her daughter, but is unable to land a job since now she’s “old.” When a man in his twenties mistakes her for being his age and tries to pick her up in a bar, her friend has an idea: give her a makeover. As part of the “makeover” sequence to turn her into a believable 20-something, they change her hair, her clothes and even her email address from AOL to GMAIL. That’s when I laughed out loud.

aol logoMany times my younger sister (12 years younger, thank you very much!) has given me grief for still using AOL. Now before you toss me into the same category as those who still use flip phones and Blackberries, let me explain. I do have a GMail account, but only use it occasionally because it’s cumbersome and time consuming. There’s too much text everywhere and it’s hard to quickly spot the “reply” and “forward” buttons, let alone search for a past email. The nature of email itself igmail logos already a “time suck,” I don’t have more time to waste figuring out how to use it. As a professional organizer whose goal is to always save time, Gmail simply doesn’t help me with that. But AOL does. It’s neat and it’s superior in the organization of its layout.

Now the brains behind Google are way above average, but they lack good old fashioned organizing skills. If anyone out there reading this happens to be in charge of the Gmail layout, drop me an email, I would be happy to offer my services. But please, make sure to use my AOL address so it doesn’t get lost.


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  1. Tom Olverson permalink

    Love it, Felice! Simple is often much better! Does AOL cost?

  2. elaine toth permalink

    I so agree with you Felice. I have both email addresses and find Gmail is a cumbersome layout and not well thought out by the 12 year year old geek Clearisol using kids sitting in the google dark basement, figuring how to hack our lives!
    I am not a big overall AOL fan, they as I am told are technological behind the times, and by the way farm all their tech support to unbearable , hard to understand , never heard of English …countries.
    And folks that laugh at your AOL, are the same ones that make fun of mine…
    I beg the question…when did they become such geniuses. .what do they do in their lives everyday?

  3. You should send a copy to Google to make sure they see it love it

  4. Marilyn Solomon permalink

    I have two email sites but like aol the best. 👍

  5. Mary Ellen permalink

    Here Here! I hate GMAIL for the same reason. So non-user friendly and cumbersome.

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