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Blizzard Bliss or Miss?

January 28, 2015

trader 2The line was long, endless. I stood, overheating in multiple layers, nudging my basket ahead with my foot, inching closer to the cashiers. A slight frenzy was in the air (okay, maybe not so slight) just minutes after Trader Joe’s opened its doors at 8 a.m.

It was Monday morning, a.k.a. Blizzard Blitzkrieg. The masses were out in force, determined to stock up for fear of being stuck at home hungry for… a day. Meteorologists had predicted this to be “historic,” but New Yorkers should know better. Snow is cleaned up as fast as confetti after New Year’s Eve in Times Square. So why were we all there?

I went for the experience. I had planned ahead, bought my quinoa and almond milk the day before. (After totaling my car in a 1995 snowstorm, I’ve become a weather junkie). I didn’t need the extra bottles of seltzer or the unsalted roasted sesame seeds, I would have fared fine without them. As did my fellow shoppers whose baskets were filled with ingredients for kale smoothies, as if one day off our daily routine would set us back.

But isn’t that the beauty of a snow day? To get out of our routines? To stay in pajamas, shuffling around in our slippers, reading in comfy chairs and binging on a few episodes of [fill in the blank] from the couch?

trader lineFor those of us in cities, life gets back to normal fairly quickly after a storm, as though the calm during it never happened. Which is ironic as the calm is what we usually crave. Mornings to sleep in, quiet days to reflect. Yet when we get those moments, like we did yesterday, did we enjoy them or after a few hours, were we itching to return to the daily grind?

Sure I was disappointed the Blizzard of 2015 wasn’t as remarkable as predicted, but the buzz was exciting. Ever since Hurricane Sandy no one wants to be caught stuck in the dark without snacks. So we overindulge. We buy fish nuggets and Ecuadorian dark chocolate because we get swept up in the flurry. (Forget that we’ve never purchased them before). Yet the craziest thing of all is that with the Super Bowl just days away, the entire scene will most likely be replayed all over again.


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  1. I thought of you when I heard the weather report. Wondered how you were doing if you got all that snow. Yes we do panic when our routine is interrupted. When it was so extreme cold in January, our water froze. So my panic now is not having enough water to do what needs to be done. I kinda make sure we have extra gallons so I can flush the toilet if need be.

    And why is it that we are never hungry for the things in the refrigerator or in our pantry? Plus it seems as tho if I know I can’t go somewhere It is then that I really want to get out of the house cause I feel cooped up. The walls seem to be caving in on me.

    When it snowed only two and a half inches yet drifted over a foot right behing my car. Yep, I got stuck cause I simply felt I needed to go that six miles into town for afew things and the mail. After getting out of my parking space and driveway, the roads were just fine. I was exhausted after trying to get my small car thru that drift, I almost just parked and and said forget it. But not liking defeat, I did make the treck to town and back.

    So my friend, be it a big blizzard or a small one, stay safe and warm!

  2. Deborah Golden permalink

    All I can say is ha ha ha ha ha. The bread, eggs and milk shelves were wiped out (empty, bare, barren, kaput) in my local market. You would think they weren’t ever going to replenish again. But I did enjoy the time off to take a nap, read, relax and (do laundry, file papers, mop the floor) cook (that doesn’t happen often). I made a chicken pot pie from scratch AND it actually turned out yummy. So blizzard or no blizzard the time off was great.

  3. As a friend of mine said, better safe than sorry. I’m a little bummed that it was not a big storm, at least NYC got a snow day out of it! Stay warm!

  4. RJC permalink

    Felice: your car was already under 30″ of pure snow — a very nice photo– and we had to add another foot when we plowed around it. But at least we don’t need to worry that someone would steal your car..
    Yours in safety and ice.
    Mom and Dad

  5. Mark permalink

    Fun piece!

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