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What Should You Hold Onto Forever?

January 23, 2015

3rd grade with circlesLast weekend I attended the surprise birthday party of a childhood friend. Eighteen women around a large table in a private back room of a downtown restaurant, the noise level high, the atmosphere charged. The only one I knew at the dinner was the guest of honor; the 16 others a blur of blowouts and lipsticked smiles.

As we waited for the birthday girl’s arrival, I chatted with others, exchanging answers to “How do you know Eden?” Many went to college with her, the rest fellow Soccer Moms. I was the only from way, way back. Like third grade.

My Nana Banana used to save things, her kitchen stocked with items dating back to something she received as a wedding present. I loved those old-fashioned garlic presses and juice extractors, the silver tarnished, the style obviously pre-Bed Bath and Beyond. Our family joked about Nana’s affinity for holding onto things forever. Unlike Nana Banana, I am not a saver of stuff. But I am of other things.

Eden and I became friends 37 years ago. Although our lives have taken different paths and we rarely see each other, communicating once or so a year via email or text, there remains a bond, a shared collection of adolescent memories that shaped who we have become and, at least for me, brings comfort in my daily life. A happy childhood is the foundation for a happy adulthood.

During the party, everyone took turns telling their unique story of when they met Eden and their favorite shared memory. For anyone having to reach back almost 4 decades, they might have trouble coming up with one memory. For me, I had trouble choosing one. Those memories, of which there are many, feel like yesterday. Maybe that’s why I feel like a kid at heart. The “kid” hasn’t left. I hope she never does.


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  1. Marilyn Solomon permalink

    Love reading your blogs, they are so true! Hope to see you soon. 😀

  2. Tracey Lundberg permalink

    Oh that’s lovely, Felice!

  3. Joe F. permalink

    Holding on to material items is one thing, but to hold on to and cherish memories is the sublime thing. Your blog touched a spot of my memory of youth. Thank you

  4. Ali permalink

    I love this… it made me smile and warmed my heart… there’s something so comforting and grounding about knowing someone for so long.. thanks for sharing and reminding me of that…best to you 🙂

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