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‘Twas The Night

December 23, 2014

‘Twas two days before Christmas, and all through Manhattan Storage
Were units so full, ‘cept one I was trying to forage

Searching through piles and boxes galore
My client had stuff from a decade or more

There were boxes of photos and bags full of books
Each trip to the dumpster I’d garner some looks

My client had hired me to “de-box” her room
Which when all said and done, did increase her legroom

She’d been paying for years, month after month
The total was staggering. All that for some junk?

She left in an Uber car, with a few things to keep
While I sorted through the rest of the mountainous heap

Toys, books, stuffed animals and stuff kids adore
They’d been boxed up since 20-06, but no more

I called around to every donation spot
But no one was taking, and I had me a lot

Finally the Salvation Army agreed
To take all these items to give those in need

But again I was stuck, for the place was not near
How would I get all these toys there? Oh dear!

As I pondered the dilemma there appeared a large truck
And three strapping men, oy vey, what good luck!

I approached the guys, each of them, one by one,
And said, “I need a lift to bring toys to the young!”

They looked at me and then looked away
Would they blow me off or help save the day?

“We’ve got a few other jobs to do, so you see.”
I flashed a few twenties and soon they found time that was free

They lifted the boxes and stowed them away
In their truck I quickly nicknamed Santa’s Sleigh

And off we did go, heading uptown with delight
To bring joy and a smile before Christmas Eve night

The moral of this tale is when you clean out your stuff
Good things can happen and that’s more than enough

To fill your heart with joy just by lessening your load
But if that’s not reason enough, then enjoy your crowded abode

A happy and a merry to all!


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  1. Joe permalink

    That’s quite the seasonal poem. You are gifted. Happy Holiday

  2. Edes Gilbert permalink

    This is so clever. I love it !! And I bet your client does, too. Merry Merry.

  3. Peter & Susan permalink


  4. Great poem!! And yes, a good purging feels great!!

  5. Marilyn Solomon permalink

    You are so very clever!

  6. Merry Christmas to you too! I love your job. I’m currently going through every closet in my house and am donating the clothes too. Such a wonderful feeling to do and it clears the head, and so important, the mind as well!

  7. untie M permalink

    Just like you, Awesome & adorable!

  8. RJC permalink

    O Ho ! So that’s where all the used toys have gone… Santa

    (To the tune of “Do you hear what I hear…?”

    Said Santa to his little elves
    Do you see what I see?
    A lady from Manhattan West
    Doing just what we do

    Toys and love, delivered through the night
    Her part of the world set right

    Said the elves to people everywhere
    Look at what Felice did
    She chose to turn glut into gold
    and be received by a baby of old

  9. french permalink

    Very clever, as I’d have expected. Seasons greetings and peace to you.

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