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“You Damn Dirty Ape!”

July 23, 2014

There’s nothing like going to the movies in the summer. Everyone rushing to clear the dinner table, filling pockets with snacks and piling into the family station wagon (for those born five minutes ago, that’s an SUV, only elongated.)

ape picThis was the scene Saturday night. My folks, boyfriend and I were excited to see Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (well, my dad was excited. Having seen Chef the week before, it was his turn to choose). Sitting three rows from the back of the large theater, we spent the first half of the movie enthralled by the apes and their abilities. Then a new dialogue was added. At first I thought it was coming from the film, but soon realized it was people in the back. Heads nearby turned repeatedly hoping to send a signal. Eventually a male voice with a distinct Boston accent shouted, “Would you please stahp tahkin! I’m tryin’ to wahtch the movie!” Of course this was what everyone wanted to shout, but because of recent events, you don’t know who might be packing heat. There was some yelling back and forth, which was fitting really, as they were in a sense aping the apes on screen.

cell talkersWhen the credits rolled and the lights came on, all eyes fell on the talkers now walking up the aisle. I went directly to the manager, channeling my Nana Banana who never met a customer service hotline she didn’t like. I explained how disruptive the talkers were and he apologized, saying that typically there would have been a security officer, but that night they were short.

Walking out to my car, four free movie passes in my pocket, I realized how selfish some people can be thinking it’s all about them: cellphone talkers on buses, walkers taking up entire sidewalks with strollers, and those who never hold open doors for others. From where has this sense of entitlement sprung? What happened to common courtesy? We may never know why people do what they do, but the real puzzler in all this is who would spend $13.50 on a movie ticket only to talk through the whole thing?


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  1. Voit, Sara permalink

    Hi!! How are you? Love reading your stuff. Are you on the Cape at all next week? We are all coming and staying for about 10 days. I would love to see you!!

    Sara Voit l Director of Learning ARMS, Inc. l 215 Lexington Avenue New York, NY 10001 O: (212) 261-4494 M: (347) 263-4474

  2. Dana Arschin permalink

    cute. so did you like the movie overall? 🙂

  3. Jackie Burkey permalink

    Do u really think someone with a stroller is being selfish taking up the entire sidewalk? What else is mom supposed to do stroll the baby in the street? Maybe your problem is they get strollers that are too big?

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  4. Edes Gilbert permalink



  5. Sue Eleftherakis permalink

    Hence the popularity of home theaters and further isolation. Great to leave the house that night and run into you all on Main Street!

  6. Felicity, I could go on and on about this. I think the problem is that people have forgotten (or haven’t been taught) the difference between public and private space.
    As I’ve gotten older, I have less and less patience for rudeness. Public transit is where I’ve seen it displayed the most but it happens everywhere. Everywhere. All we can do is control our own reactions and our own behaviour and ensure we don’t fall into the same habits.

  7. Auntie M permalink

    Way to go, Nana would be proud!

  8. Joe F. permalink

    Maybe those inconsiderate people were communicating with the apes on screen. Probably about the same IQ. I also love seeing strollers in crowded stores used as shoplifters cache holders.

  9. Albert permalink

    Way to go. I was once talking to someone on the street and fairly close by was a woman talking on the phone which turned around to me and she said I’m on the phone can you please lower your voice and I told the lady you are not your living room you’re on the street so I understand completely. Some people think that they are the only ones in the theater and even in the world. I hope you wasn’t rooting for the apes

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