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A Stitch in Time Saves $9.99

November 6, 2013

Papa in his Twenties

Daylight Savings Time happens to be three of my favorite words. Daylight, especially this time of year when light is more precious, makes me feel better. Plus I’m more productive when the sun is shining as it feels like there’s still time to get things done. When it’s dark (and this time of the year it’s really dark) I’m prone to putting on my pajamas and curling up with a good book.

Then there’s Savings. Everyone knows the importance of saving, but not everyone follows through with it. Saving for a goal, like a down payment on a house, a trip to the Grand Canyon or a new bicycle gives one a sense of accomplishment from having been disciplined enough to save. That feeling is matched only by the appreciation of the purchase you saved for. As for the “Savings” in Daylight Savings Time, what, besides our sanity for not having to trudge to work in the morning when it’s dark out, are we actually saving when the sun begins calling it quits at 4:30PM?

Then there’s Time, my favorite four-letter word. Time is worth more than money and is a topic I refer to often because of its value. True, time flies when you’re having fun, but guess what, it flies all the other times too. Maybe not so much in the day-to-day, but looking back over the years I’m struck often – especially when seeing pictures on Facebook of childhood friends’ kids – just how fast the world is spinning.

papa in his 90s

Papa in his Nineties

This week marks the 75th anniversary of Kristallnacht, the night of broken glass, the night my grandfather experienced his small town being set ablaze. And while 75 years is a long time ago, for my grandfather that night still shines brightly in his memory. He was a boy of 17 when the Nazis set fires and broke shop windows in his neighborhood. Now, at 92, he can recall events of that evening more clearly than he can remember what he ate for breakfast yesterday.

Time is the most precious gift we’re given. We don’t know how much we’re going to get and there’s nothing we can do when our time is up. Sure, there are ways we can prolong it, like eating healthy and not texting and driving, but, ironically enough, time is the one thing you can’t save.

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  1. beautifully said and beautifully shared. Thanks, Felice.

  2. mary permalink

    I love this post…right now time is flying as our dear friend packs up and leaves.

    Sent from my iPad

  3. marilyn permalink

    You are so right!!! Loved seeing the pictures & we look forward to seeing them in person soon!!!
    Hope to see you soon also!!!

  4. Shelly Cohen permalink

    Dearest Felice,
    So beautifully said and so true……but your words help us all stop, reflect and use “or at least try to use” our time wisely. Thank you for this special post highlighting papa and for last week’s post and our fabulous week-end in New York. To Deb Golden—–you read our minds- because that is exactly what we said –“we are blessed”………Mom

  5. Albert permalink

    It’s like I told a mutual person when I gave her the book that you have written. I said to her, while I was giving her your work. This Person we both know who wrote about a subject that should never be forgotten by anyone

  6. Hi Felice,
    I remember learning about Kristallnacht when I took a class on the Holicaust while in college (the same college as your dad in fact, but many years later of course ;-). It struck me then as a day that should always be remembered, but unfortunately, there is nothing on most calendars – if any – about this. Thank you for reminding me and all the others who read your blog.

  7. Shelley Foxman permalink

    Daylight Savings Time just ended on November 3rd. We entered STANDARD Time by falling back. The practice of Daylight Savings time is to take advantage of the light at the end of the day when the weather is nice. It sounds like a contradiction, when you think that you are getting that extra hour of light in the morning. But that’s the way it is. Look it up.

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