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The Gloves Are Off

January 29, 2013


The real benefit of being organized is that you don’t misplace things. That is until you do.

Sunday ImageI lost a glove. I didn’t realize it until I got home as I’d been texting and wearing one glove Michael Jackson style. It wasn’t the first time I sacrificed warmth for communication. But when I arrived home, I realized the glove was gone. Digging out another pair from the closet, I headed back out to look for the lost glove.

Losing glImageoves happens, sure, but an organizer losing something is akin to a chef burning toast. It rarely happens. As I retraced my steps up West End Avenue, I wondered, did I lose it in the locker room at the gym? Drop it in Zabar’s when I reached for my wallet? Or had it fallen out of my pocket in Barnes & Noble?Image

I returned to the gym and approached the front desk. To my relief, my glove was in Lost and Found. I walked out laughing at the irony. The last several winters I’ve walked by dozens, if not hundreds, of lost gloves on the street. Each winter I would say, “I should take pictures of these gloves.” This year I finally did. So far I’m up to 34 and it’s only been three months. There’s something sad about a lImageost glove, seeing it lying there alone, misplaced. More so than a single sock out of the dryer. I’m not sure why I feel compelled to take photos of gloves. Maybe it’s for art’s sake. Or maybe it’s just to document how many get lost each winter.


For organizers everywhere, lost is four-letter word. We don’t lose things. Not at home, not at work and, god forbid, not on the street. It’s knowing where everything is that makes us organizers. So when we lose something, even something as simple as a glove, it’s unsettling.

As a kid I had metal clips that attached my gloves to the end of my coat sleeves. They weImagere brilliant. But my glove photos have revealed that it’s mostly adult gloves that get lost. Which begs the question why? And I think I know. Most smart phones only react to your skin’s touch. So unless you have gloves with special sensory tips, you’ve got to remove them to use your phone. And as I learned, even in these arctic temperatures, communication takes priority over warmth.


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  1. Mary Ellen permalink

    Can you find the leather glove I lost in Riverdale as I began my commute into the city?

  2. permalink

    Guess what. I have a pair of gloves with a special finger tip for texting:)). I can tell u where to get them A

    Sent from my iPhone

  3. French permalink

    I’ve wondered this winter, as I do every winter when I take out my cold weather stuff, why I have accumulated so many left hand gloves. Where have the right ones gone? Three fifths of the ones you’ve shown are lefties as well.

    But then I wonder where pigeons come from as well, because I’ve never seen a baby one. Have you? Doesn’t that make you wonder …

  4. permalink

    Love it
    Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry

  5. james nomikos permalink

    felice, this is great. you are a born writer. Naomi

  6. Try mittens. They can be worn rather comfortably on both hands.

    Start a new trend of two different colors.

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