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To Be(lieve) Or Not To Be(lieve)

September 25, 2012

Fall has arrived. You can smell it. Feel it. That chill gets under your skin and pushes you to make changes, pursue your dreams, clean out the garage. We’re conditioned early on that beginnings happen in the fall. Armed with new clothes, pencils, and aspirations, we began each school year thinking, “I’m going to make varsity.” Or “I’m going to get all A’s.” Whatever the goal, there’s something magical about fall that makes you believe anything is possible.

And why not believe?

As children it’s easy to believe in anything. My niece and nephew, 8 and 5, believe wholeheartedly in the Tooth Fairy. They were told of this character and that was it, no questions asked. And honestly, whether the Tooth Fairy is real or not, aren’t our beliefs ultimately about hope? Wouldn’t it be nice to think we can leave a tooth under our pillow and when we wake up there’s money?

Last week when I was in Florida my grandfather had two teeth pulled. “Let’s put them under your pillow,” I told him. He looked at me like I was nuts. Had he let me do that, I would have snuck into his room during the night and left a twenty-dollar bill under his pillow. He would have loved it. But why, as adults, do we no longer believe in these tales?

My niece Paige recently wrote a letter to the Tooth Fairy and when Paige received a letter back from the Tooth Fairy, the following conversation followed.

Paige:   “Mom, did you write this letter?”
Jackie:  “What makes you think that?”
Paige:   “First, we have this paper, and second, you make those designs sometimes on your letters.”

Jackie denied writing the letter and now questions when she should tell her daughter the truth. But why should she? So that Paige is not ridiculed in school for believing? Or because there’s really no such thing as the Tooth Fairy? Maybe kids become adults the moment they stop believing in magic.

One of my favorite TV shows is “Once Upon A Time.” I love fairy tales and the thought of these stories mixing with real life in intriguing. Does it mean I believe in witches and spells and Pinocchio? Does it matter? At the end of the day, whether you believe in the Tooth Fairy or not, the one thing you should at least always believe in, is yourself.


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  1. Diann Buro permalink

    so, thank you my dear for remembering how important this is. Since kindergarden I have had and been on many dressup occasions Tinker Bell. I have been seen flying with Peter and the boys, many times. I can still remember my song “I won’t grow up”….. I have had a magical life, as you well know………
    Diann B. lieves

  2. I remember long ago in BMS when Mr. B had everyone convinced he was an alien from Planet Xavier here on work study to examine our middle schooler earthlings….he was so straight-faced, he had even Rosemary K., a very bright student, questioning…loved the fact that we could still play! It’s the play and make believe that goes out of us, sadly, if we don’t guard it carefully. Main reason for neices, nephews and grandchildren and great grands! Enjoy them all!

  3. Anne permalink

    I really love it. Did you ever think about becoming a writer? :-))

  4. iona passik permalink

    Well said.  Shana Tova.

  5. Auntie M. permalink

    This brings me back to when Scott left a note under his pillow; “Dear Tooth Fairy, I dropped my tooth & can’t find it anywhere, can you leave me some money anyway?” Anyone who knows Scott understands this request! I, in turn left him a note. “Dear Scott, I found your tooth, it’s a beauty & I brought it straight to Tooth Fairy Heaven, here’s a quarter for your efforts.” I then signed it “Mary Fairy, and all was well.

    I wonder how many other mothers have done the very same thing?

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